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About us

printing press This year marks twelve years for Belle & Union — twelve wonderful years of making and sharing my love of paper with you. So first and foremost, thank you. Thank you for your support and for sharing the work of creatives like me with your community.

I started this company when I was 23 years old, a maker and a dreamer with a passion to share my doodles with the world. In the time since, I have grown and changed, all while learning how to run an art-based business. I created pieces that could be replicated quickly and perfectly in building our first collection, rather than believing in the beautiful imperfection that comes from small batch making.

As I began to refresh our collection back in 2020, I realized it was time to embrace the differences, finding beauty in the imperfect. I began to create and to write, physically tearing and layering the pieces of paper until they mirrored the most beautiful scenes before us. Images we sometimes overlook in the busyness of our lives; images that refresh, restore and rejuvenate. printing press
Meg and Josh As we get busier more distracted by the day, I don’t want us to ever forget the beautiful moments that make up our days and our lives. I don’t want us to look over the torn bits of our life and not see the beauty in the raw edges. It is my hope that this new collection acts as a reminder of the beauty found in imperfections within me, and in you.

It all started in 2012 with a relationship: a Southern art student and a Northern soldier fell in love along the sandy beaches of Tybee Island and the shady moss-draped oaks of Savannah, Georgia. And now, 8 years later, we have a beautiful brick and mortar and studio space in sunny San Antonio, Texas.

Inspired by each other, our family, and the beautiful sights, sounds and differences found from coast to coast throughout the U.S., we decided to celebrate our roots and community the best way we know how: by basking in each others’ company, filling simple moments with memorable laughs, and sharing these moments with friends and friends to come.

Made with love and butter,