Seven Spice Catfish Tacos Recipe Kit


Micro portions, macro flavor

Sealed in airtight, half-teaspoon portions, Occo’s pre-measured, super fresh spice pods make it easy—and way more delicious—to explore flavors and master recipes from around the world. Just scan the included recipe QR code to get started!

Adaptable recipes destined to become meal-planning mainstays.

These techniques and spice blends are designed to let you add your favorite ingredients as the seasons change. 

Flaky white fish is supercharged with Southern flavors by a seven-spice rub. On a warm tortilla with cumin-accented slaw and a spritz of fresh lemon, it's pure taco perfection.

The Seven-Spice Catfish Tacos recipe seasoning card by Chef Asha Gomez includes Wild Celery Seed, Cumin Powder, New Mexican Chili Powder, Mediterranean Oregano, Sweet Paprika, Thyme and California Garlic Powder. Recipe ingredients & instructions are accessible via QR code on the back of the card.

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