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In Your Dreams: Vision Board Kit


A Vision Board Kit to Visualize Your Ambitions and Plan Your Goals. Goals are much more attainable once you write them down and give yourself encouragement to complete them! This is why vision boarding is transformative in shifting your mindset from “I can’t” to “I will. Visualize your goals and give yourself encouragement along the way by making a vision board with this full kit.


  • A guided journal with personal reflections, writing prompts, and questions to help you with goal-setting and get you excited about your future 
  • A sturdy, blank board you can use as your canvas 
  • 60+ stylish photos 
  • 50+ stickers with cute icons and graphics 
  • Hand-drawn patterns and inspirational graphics, like “Brave & Bold,” “Shine From Inside,” “Ambitious AF,” “Follow Your Enthusiasm,” “Own Your Power,” and “More Fun, Less Fear” 
  • Decorative washi tape 
  • Non-toxic glue stick

CATEGORIES: graduation, graduation gifts, books, tween, vision board kit, journal


MAKER: Paige Tate & Co.