Dill Style Quickles


When we think of pickles we think Dill pickles. Who doesn't? We know there's other kinds (see our other two varieties), but dill and pickle are practically synonymous. Use this bottle with all the classic pickling vegetables: cucumbers, greens beans, asparagus, you get the gist. If you've seen it in the store, then it can be done.One 4 oz bottle will make 1 pint of pickles in 4 quick steps. The instructions are included on the label, but so you have them here too:

1) Gather half a pound of produce.
2) Chop your fresh produce into chunks.
3) Pack produce into a clean pint size jar.
4) Pour in your Quickles concentrate and add water to submerge produce.

Done. Let it sit for a day or two in the fridge and enjoy.

Maker: Quickles