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Handmade Pottery Wax Warmer in White | Essential Oil Diffuser


The handmade pottery pure soy wax warmers for pure soy wax melts throw the scent even better than burning a scented candle. The fragrances stay pure because they are not combusting.

  • Approximately 4" wide and 5" high base is handmade on the potters wheel with our favorite stoneware
  • Hand cut opening and details are slightly different on every piece
  • The handmade dish sits on the top to hold your wax melts - please note the dish for the top is not intended to be a tight fit which allows for better air flow with your candle
  • For use with soy wax melts, break off a piece of wax and place it in the top dish. Light the candle beneath and enjoy hours of fragrance.
  • Made in USA


Maker: Gravesco